Compete, Discover, Organize.

Brought to you by:

robo, Chrazini, T-West & the CaptureAge Team

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Easy to manage your competitive life - find tournaments, schedule games and chat with others in one easy place.

One-Click Sign-Up

Setup your account once, join events with a single click. We’ll take care of the rest.

Advanced Anti-Cheat

We'll check for common cheats and hacks. Because that’s not enough, our robots will check for suspicious behaviour.

Bug-Free Map Pool

No more trapped sheep, missing berries and boars behind three woodlines And we'll measure balance while we're at it. We'll tune maps until 1000/1000 pristine generations are found.


Central platform for following events, players and streamers.


Not sure what you want to play, watch or cast? We'll have just the thing.


Quickly contact admins, schedule with other players and read the latest tournament updates.


Instantly tune into your favorite stream, never be late for civ-drafting and always know when the next game starts (it's forest nothing).


Fully featured organizational tools for planning and managing tournaments. Automated robo™ functionality!

Open Professional Tools

Everyone can use Quiver to set-up their tournament, showmatch or LAN party games and look good while doing it.

Effortless Routine Work

No more hassle with seeding or creating and translating a ruleset. Click a few buttons and you'll be ready to go.


Get tournament updates directly in CaptureAge, automatically update your scoreboards, and integrate !score in chat. Develop something mind-blowingly creative: data is just one API away.

We'll steadily start rolling out these features and more during Alpha.